Keyword Research

Find the types of keywords customers are searching.

For an effective e-commerce SEO campaign, make sure to kick things off with keyword research.

Site Architecture

How the pages on your site are organized and arranged.

Our SEO professionals work to make sure your site is easy to navigate and understand.

On-page, Technical and Local SEO

Strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content.

Technical and Local SEO help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently.

Content Marketing and Link Building

Drive additional organic visitors and help improve the authority of your website.

Content marketing increases your traffic and makes it easier to build links to your site and increase your domain authority.

E-commerce SEO Services

Our team will create a custom on-page strategy built around optimizing your store’s product, category and brand pages. We position these pages to deliver motivated consumers ready to purchase your products.


Our SEO professionals work to make sure your site is easy to navigate and understand. They go through every page and section of your website and analyze where there are any holes that need improvement.

SEO Strategy Includes

Keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching

Site architecture based on your keyword research

On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content

Technical SEO to help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently

Local SEO to help drive local organic traffic

Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors

Link Building to help improve the authority of your website

Measuring SEO Success with tools like Google Analytics


Online Store Optimization

A winning SEO strategy begins with a technically sound website. You can write amazing content, and craft perfectly optimized meta tags, but if the search engines can’t crawl all of your pages, index all of your site content, and understand how it all fits together – you have zero chance of ranking well. Our SEO team is very experienced in identifying all technical issues that could be a roadblock to success.


The SEO community has made it very clear that link building needs to be about quality as opposed to quantity, and an e-commerce website is no exception. We focus on building links that have real value for you when it comes to rankings, visibility, and your targeted audience. We spend a lot of time searching for complementary companies in your industry to work with on a link building campaign. This often includes trade associations and reputable niche directories.


Valuable content will build your company into an authority and will provide opportunities for others to link back to your website. We also help find ways to create social buzz around your product offerings. Social sharing builds trust and can lead to greater sales for your business.

Prioritize Pages

Which pages on your site get the most traffic? Start with them. Additionally, if you want people to focus on a specific or flagship product, optimize for product first.

Create a worflow

SEO requires you to meet lots of specific requirements. Choosing keywords, adding meta data, naming your images correctly, adding image alternate attributes, and incorporating related keywords all fall under this category.

Check out the competition

Your e-commerce SEO strategy should be designed to outwit the competition. Look at your top competitors’ sites and check out their SEO efforts. Identify ways to make yours better.

Follow through with CRO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) should follow SEO.


Digital Marketing Services aligned with your goals and measured against revenue.


The structure of a webpage and its content is only a piece to the SEO puzzle, but a very important piece. We perform best-in-class optimization with our proven techniques. Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions regarding our SEO process.

What is e-commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO is the use of various strategies to improve your search rankings for your website and product pages. For an online store, these strategies include on-page optimization, quality link building, and even researching competitors.

Why perform e-commerce SEO?

Do you do link building SEO?The purpose of your online store is for consumers to buy your products, but what if your target audience can’t find you? Our Ecommerce SEO services provide your store the visibility it needs for long-term success.

What is the cost for an e-commerce package?

what tools and software seo?Individual campaigns differ in cost according to the keywords targeted, the website’s history, and how much work is required to reach your goals. We provide affordable solutions for businesses of every size, and we know how to get the results you need.

What e-commerce stores can you service?

Do you provide website audit SEO?We have experience working with 100’s of different e-commerce websites and shopping carts. Some of the most common requests come from clients that use: Magento, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and WooCommerce. Some platforms or stores allow for little customization so it’s best to contact us to discuss if your solution has any limitations from an SEO perspective.

Are there any guarantees?

Will we have to make changes to website?Any SEO company that promises specific rankings can’t be telling the whole truth, according to Google, because the Google algorithm changes so often. TechLiberate the, therefore,not guarantee rankings, but we do have a commitment to quality work and an established track record of achieving measurable results for our clients.

What changes will my website need, if any?

How long does it take to see SEO results?Most websites or stores don’t need changes to the structure or design for optimization, just changes to the content or code of individual products and pages. Many clients decide to have TechLiberate staff make these changes, but we can also provide directives to your staff if you’d rather make these changes internally.



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